Snake Safety Training for Businesses of Any Size

If venomous snake bite is a concern for your employees, we can help.

The risk of an encounter with venomous snakes is a concern for anyone operating near wild areas. This risk is not only to the employee, but also the employer, who is ultimately responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the team.

Rattlesnake Solutions offers a variety of snake safety and awareness programs for employers or individuals. From self-serve video snake safety basics, to more advanced in-person or remote snake training sessions, we can work with your company to find the right balance of time, relevant information, and cost.

Snake Safety Basics [video]

For any individual working where snake encounters are possible. This self-serve video is designed to provide a basic understanding of how to operate safely and what to do in a variety of situations and settings.

30 minutes

  • Topics covered:
  • Snake identification basics
  • Avoidance in a facility setting
  • Avoidance in a field setting
  • Snake encounters
  • Snake bite emergency
  • Behavior around snakes
  • Certificate of completion

Cost: $40 per participant

Coming soon

Snake Safety Advanced [video]

For individuals and employers where snake encounters are common. This self-serve video is designed to provide an advanced understanding of snake avoidance, including mental preparation and fear alliviation through correction of misinformation.

1 hour

  • Topics covered:
  • Everything in Snake Safety Basics
  • Region-specific snake identification
  • Relevant natural history
  • Fact and fiction
  • Fear and perception
  • Snake safety equipment
  • Certificate of completion

Cost: $60 per participant

Coming soon

Live (In-Person or Remote) Snake Safety Training

For teams working in areas where snake encounters are common that may benefit from more in-depth or customized training than can be provided in video.


  • Topics covered:
  • Relevant topics from Snake Safety Advanced
  • Question and answers
  • Live snake display (depending on region)
  • Customizable based on need
  • Remote (Zoom or similar) available
  • Relocation add-on available
  • Certificate of completion

Cost: Varies

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Clients Include:

  • Arizona Game and Fish Department
  • Arizona Army National Guard
  • City of Mesa
  • Walmart
  • State of Arizona
  • Royal Danish Air Force