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24 hour emergency snake removal and rattlesnake control service in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Marana, and surrounding areas.

If you live in areas near native desert, it is likely that you will, at some point, encounter at least one species of native snake. We're here to help safely capture and relocate any snake that you come across.

If you see a snake:

  • 1. Have someone watch the snake from a safe distance until a snake removal agent arrives.
  • 2. Call 480-237-9975 in Phoenix, or 520-308-6211 in Tucson.
  • 3. Keep watch of the snake until we arrive to remove the snake.

When you call, you will be asked a few questions that will help the field agent determine the best course of action. Most likely, this will include asking what the snake looks like, or what it is doing at the time of the encounter. It is very important that the snake is watched closely until we arrive. Often, a snake that appears to be sleeping is quite aware that it has been spotted, and is holding still. Rattlesnakes do not rattle when you see them, but when they feel threatened. Most often, they will remain silent and still, and will quickly move away to hide or flee as soon as the 'threat' leaves. It is a very common situation where a home owner is asked to keep an eye on the snake until we arrive and leaves only for a few minutes to find that the snake has crawled away in the meantime. While we can very often find the snake again, the absolute best way to guarantee that we will remove the snake is to tell us right where it is.

Make this the last rattlesnake you see on your property.

A big part of why we are different from pest control companies is that we really, really know snakes! We are well trained to search for them in the wild, and know exactly what kind of features on your property could be attracting snakes. Much more than a snake removal service - we like to say that a rattlesnake encounter is a symptom; the problem is the yard! While many snakes may just wander onto a property, or show up for other reasons beyond your control, a large portion of the animals we are called out to capture are there because they have been tempted by a desert oasis. Wild animals all need 3 basic things: food, water, and shelter. If you provide one of these, animals will show up to take advantage of it. If you have all of them in one place, you might as well set up a neon sign that says "Welcome Rattlesnakes!"

When we come catch the snake, we'll take a look around to determine why the snake was there. Sometimes, it's just a random encounter and doesn't indicate a 'snake problem'. More often though, the cause is obvious to a trained eye, and we can give you advice on how to make the yard less attractive to unwanted wildlife and make your first rattlesnake encounter your last.

Get the facts and peace of mind

A big part of why snakes seem so scary is because, as a culture, most of what we 'know' about snakes is completely false. We find that even a great fear of rattlesnakes melts away after a few questions. While we certainly don't downplay the real danger that a rattlesnake encounter can be, you'll get the truth about the situation and be able to get back out in your yard again without always feeling like there's another one in the bushes. One of the greatest pleasures of our job is to watch someone change from terrified to curious. The fact is that rattlesnakes do have a dangerous bite, but aren't dangerous animals when left alone. The safest thing a home owner can do, aside from simle prevention, is to have a professional snake control specialist remove the animal.

Why don't you just kill the snake?

Even if we hated snakes (which of course we don't), the reason is simply because it is not necessary and does not solve your problem. Of course, it is also illegal, more dangerous, and a dozen other reasons that don't need to be mentioned. The best, safest, and most efficient way to resolve an unwanted snake encounter is to move the 'problem' to a place where it is no longer a problem. We have the tools, training, and experience to get the job done without any risk to anyone involved - to kill the snake introduces dangerous variables that make a perfectly safe, routine action into a potentially deadly mess of a situation.

How common are rattlesnakes in Phoenix?

The answer is very common. However, this doesn't mean that you'll necessarily ever see one. Rattlesnakes are specialists, and generally aren't great at adapting to new situations. This means that they are restricted to areas where residential developments come into contact with native desert habitat. If your home is within about a block of open desert, there is a possibility of seeing a rattlesnake in your yard. If your home is in the middle of the city and more than a few blocks from the mountain parks, a rattlesnake on your doorstep is a very unlikely situation. Snake removal services are available 24 hours a day if one does show up.

The Phoenix metro area is also home to more species of rattlesnake than any city in the country. With 6 species within Phoenix city limits alone, the valley is quite familiar with rattlesnakes on our trails, parks, and backyards.