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Rattlesnake Removal and Snake Relocation for Scottsdale and surrounding areas

Scottsdale has unique challenges when it comes to snake encounters on properties. It's the place we visit the most, and see more rattlesnakes than anywhere else.

For snake removal in the Scottsdale area, call 480-237-9975, 24 hours a day

  • 1. Watch the snake! This is important. Snakes may look like they're sleeping, but they may be very aware of you and trying not to move to hide. Their camouflage doesn't work on a patio, but they don't realize that. The moment you disappear, they may try to escape.
  • 2. Wait for us to arrive. Please try to keep anyone from approaching the snake. A stationary snake is an easy snake to catch!

True Rattlesnake Control

More than snake removal, Rattlesnake Solutions can help protect your property from rattlesnakes and keep your family safe. Using habitat reduction, the best snake fencing methods in the business, and years of experience with wild snakes, we can help solve your snake issues.

Pricing varies for each call. The reason for this is simple; we want to make the fee appropriate. We are located all around the valley, and depending on which agent is available and where they are in the valley at that time, the fee to remove the snake can vary. For instance, if we have a field agent just a few blocks away handling another call, we would want to charge a lesser amount. Generally, calls to remove snakes in the Scottsdale area take about 20-30 minutes to respond to.

When you call Rattlesnake Solutions to catch a snake in your yard, we do more than take it away. The snake is there for a reason, and we've done this long enough to know why the snake is visiting you. We like to say snakes are a symptom, not the problem; if you're seeing rattlesnakes 10 times a year, it's because there is something they like nearby! Sometimes this is as simple as a decorative rock pile that provides some thermoregulatory opportunities, or some grease under the BBQ that attracts rats (snake food). Other times it's more complicated, being the kind of thing that only trained herpetologists and snake experts would be able to see from countless hours in the desert tracking wild rattlesnakes. We'll tell you exactly what's going on.

Why are there so many snakes in Scottsdale? The answer is the amazing landsaping! The homes north of the 101 are generally well-spaced out, and keep much of the natural desert habitat intact between them. There are also numerous sources of water for wildlife to enjoy; pools, golf courses, fountains, to name a few that we've commonly removed big diamondbacks from.

What kinds of snakes live in Scottsdale?

There are quite a few snake species that can be found in Scottsdale. The most common, and commonly seen, is the venomous Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. The majority of calls that we receive to relocate snakes in the area are diamondbacks. Often mistaken for a rattlesnake is the next most common - the Sonoran Gophersnake. Gophersnakes are harmless constrictors (yes, even or dogs and babies, too) and are great to have in the yard as the best free pest control you can get.

There are other rattlesnake species here too, of course, but they are not nearly as common to see in a yard. The Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake, Mojave Rattlesnake, Blacktailed Rattlesnake, and Tiger Rattlesnake can all be found within Scottsdale city limits (and are, on occasion), but are generally not something most residents will see. Of those listed, the speckled rattlesnake is the only one we find with any regularity on snake control calls to Scottsdale, being restricted to areas near mountain parks and rocky areas North of the 101. Speckleds are not found in the McDowell mountains, but tiger rattlesnakes are! While we do remove a few tigers from the Phoenix mountains during the year, tigers from the McDowell mountains are much less common to be called to remove.

There are also quite a few other snakes that can be found, and often are. Another common and unintentional rattlesnake impostor is the desert nightsnake. They're small, generally around a foot long as adults, and have the triangular head and vertical eyes that many use to identify rattlesnakes. They have pointed tails, but may rattle them and coil when they are scared. This leads to quite a few calls about "baby rattlesnakes" that end up being nightsnakes. Of course we will try, over the phone, to determine whether it is actually one of these harmless bug-eaters before we send someone out, so you are making an informed decision.

Other reptiles that live in Scottsdale include: the coachwhip, groundsnake, threadsnake, whipsnake, patchnosed snake, black-necked gartersnake, longnosed snake, black-headed snake, and the venomous gila monster. Gila monsters are common in the desert, but are rarely seen. Regardless, we do get calls to remove them from time to time, even though they pose absolutely no danger to people who aren't holding them. The other snakes are also relocated at the request of a property owner, but they're harmless and usually good to have in the yard, and we'll do our best to make sure that you are informed before making any decisions. We do charge a small fee for our services, and it is very important to us that you never make a decision to pay to have someone come out for something that can't harm you. Of course, we do understand that quite a few people just don't like snakes, so we're happy to come get them.

What do we do with the snakes we catch in Scottsdale?

We give them a drink of water and let them go somewhere within the network that they already live in. This is not only the best way to make sure that the snake will survive, but also the rule set by Arizona Game and Fish Department. This can be a tough sell to some residents, but keep this in mind: if you live an an area where snakes live (ahem, almost all of Scottsdale!), then there are snakes living everywhere around the property. Taking a snake that's decided to spend the afternoon napping on the patio back out to the desert is like throwing a match on a camp fire. Of all parties involved, the snake is the most terrified. We've never heard of a snake returning, for much of the same reason as any animal would if they had what they percieve to be a near death experience in area! Think about it - if your favorite restaurant was in some tucked away spot on the outskirts of Scottsdale, and you were attacked and robbed there, it doesn't matter how good the food is; you'll think twice about coming back. Remember that snakes are just animals and don't want to die, so they'll stay away from danger when they can. Relocation is the best solution to this issue, and nobody knows how to do it better and more safely for all involved than Rattlesnake Solutions.

Call a snake removal professional. Don't try and handle it yourself. Snake removal is a safe way to deal with snakes. A rattlesnake in the garage is just one of many unique situations that can be solved by calling a rattlesnake removal professional, rather than a snake exterminator. A rattlesnake control expert may also be able to figure out why the snake is there to begin with, and how to keep rattlesnakes away in the future.